Worst Fears?

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Update from the Associated Press on the discovery of a body in the Taylor Behl (search) investigation:

RICHMOND, Va. — The mother of a missing college freshman said Thursday she believes a body found in a wooded area is her daughter, who was last seen alive at her school dorm Sept. 5.

"The body found is most likely my baby's," said Janet Pelasara during a news conference at her home in Vienna, Va.

I suppose no one is surprised that a body was found in a shallow grave about 70 miles from Richmond where Taylor Behl was attending her first year in college. We all hope for an "Elizabeth Smart" (search) situation, but that seems like a one in a million or one in a billion. I assume, as I am sure you do, that it is Taylor's body — even though there is no confirmation. The police need to be certain, but I suspect clothing and maybe even identification on the body have confirmed the family's fear.

I received the news about the discovery of remains when I landed in Washington, D.C., Wednesday night before our show. Two hours earlier, while switching planes in Memphis, I was told by my senior producer that our sources said there would be some news in Taylor's case shortly and I feared for two hours in the air en route to D.C. that it would be a body.

The scene around the remains is very important. The scene is likely to hold clues as to who the killer is and can often provide the key identifying clue to bring justice. Smoked cigarettes can have DNA on them... her remains could have a piece of hair from her killer... footprints can identify shoes (and then closets can be searched)... killers drop things with their fingerprints on them, etc.

As an aside, usually we get pitches from members of Congress to do segments on legislation they are pushing. On Wednesday — a first — I received a pitch from a member of Congress to do a segment on a murder in his jurisdiction. He wants to be certain that justice prevails and media coverage can often guarantee a case or investigation does not get swept under the carpet. It shows how attentive he is to his constituency. We are looking into his suggestion.

Some e-mails from viewers:

E-mail No. 1

You complain too much in your GretaWire. This isn't "Dear Diary," where we hear your aches and pains of the day. Stop whining about all you have to go through to do your job.
Kathleen Petrick

E-mail No. 2

You have shown your true stripes again and again, I believe that the only reason that you still have a job is that you're such a lair! How about going back on stage with the Hell's Angles, I'd watch that again.
Rodney Shepherd
Hubert, NC

ANSWER: I am a "lair?" Well, I guess it could be worse — I could be a "liar." By the way, what is a "lair?"

E-mail No. 3

Subject: Fair and Balanced?
You gave Rush Limbaugh (search) over 10 minutes of your airtime to talk of the attributes of the newest Supreme Court nominee. Since you didn't devote one second of airtime to the Democrat's side and, since you are part of the Fair and Balanced network, I would like to know when the Democratic response to Limbaugh's "discussion" will be aired. I will be anxiously awaiting it's listing on your program.
Larry Beck
USN Retired

ANSWER: First, fair and balanced is not a mathematical formula reduced to one show. Second, did you watch the rest of the show on Tuesday? Besides two segments with conservative Rush Limbaugh, we also did two segments with former President Bill Clinton. Third, Wednesday night we aired a THIRD segment with former President Clinton in which he discussed President Bush's nominee. Am I now going to hear from people complaining that Rush Limbaugh only got two segments? Fourth, Rush criticized the Republican president for his choice for the Supreme Court (and yes, he was also critical of the Democrats.) I was surprised people did not write me complaining about Rush complaining about the president's choice.

If our country did not face so many serious issues, I would be amused at the way some fight in this country as exemplified by your e-mail. If this behavior happened in a schoolyard among children we would step in and take action. So Larry, while I am admire that you are U.S. Navy Retired and appreciate you and others who have served, I can't get involved in this food fight. If you have a good point, send it to me and I will read it. I like good debates and strong views that are not personal but won't get into a food fight. I will instead continue to do the best job I can at my work. It won't be perfect, but I will try every night to be fair and to hear peoples' views.

Note: Our show is not a "he said, she said," debate show — it is a different type of show. Sometimes it is a single guest having a forum so we can hear his or her view and discuss it around the water cooler at work the next day. If we present a single view some night — don't necessarily think it is one we necessarily support or endorse. Rather, think of it as us presenting to you what this particular person thinks and then you can either agree or not.

E-mail No. 4

I've noticed that in the last year or so you've begun focusing on "missing females" a bit of a switch, but actually a real service for many families and a good angle. However, I was appalled tonight when your reporting began to discuss a "body in a shallow grave" that "might" be a missing woman. Specifics were reported in some detail, but no verifiable knowledge of the identity yet available. But the report actually alluded that this particular body (without knowing for sure) was in fact this woman!
How devastating for this family or even friends!
I lost all respect for you tonight. Turned off the TV and left the room.
You crossed the line.

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