Worse Than Imagined

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First of all, I am very lucky. When I leave New Orleans (search), I have a home to return to... this is not true of people who live here in New Orleans.

Second, even while in New Orleans, I am lucky. Unlike most, I have a place to sleep. I am on a bus on the highway — not the shoulder if the highway, but in the right lane. When police whiz by on the highway, the highway shakes — it is wild. I am not sure how we even got this parking space. Imagine parking on a highway!

The bus is great — it has rows of bunks and, when you are tired, you look for an empty one. I avoid the ones on top since I am so short that it is unclear how I would get into the top bunks. Lucky for me, I am short enough that the bunks provide ample room.

The only comfort we miss is a shower. I was told that FOX News has rented a room in a motel 25 miles from here and that we can all take turns taking showers. With contaminated water in New Orleans, there are few options. So, in a short period of time, I am going to the motel to take my turn. I am curious what people think when they see FOX employees going in and out of the motel room every fifteen minutes.

Dinner was a sandwich — I opted for peanut butter and jelly, although cold cuts was an option. I had not had peanut butter and jelly since a late night in Aruba (search) when we were all starving and had few (no?) options. It may not sound ideal, but there is not much choice and I like them.

We have security — and serious security. The security team members are dressed in swat gear and carry AR15 rifles. One of our security team leant me a jacket to wear on our show last nice since I was cold.

Our first day in New Orleans was distressing — very distressing. We went on a boat and talked to a man who refuses to evacuate. He has no power... and water (toxic water) threatens him. I had hoped I could convince him to evacuate but had no luck. I was told he tells everyone that his plan is to evacuate "tomorrow." I suspect he says that just to get rid of people. He wants to stay.

I am stunned by what I see in New Orleans. It is worse than what I thought.

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