Word to the Wise

What do Saudi Arabia and the nation's airlines have in common?

They're both in desperate need of good PR.

One, Saudi Arabia is paying for it. The other should seriously consider it.

Word is now the Saudi government has hired several public relations firms to "spruce up" its image in the U.S. Just as the big airlines are doing all sorts of things to screw up their image in the U.S.

Both need a lot of work.

The Saudis need to explain why they appear to have done squat to combat terrorism but lots to combat us trying to fight it.

The airlines need to justify cuts in service and absurd new fees while at the same time hitting up Uncle Sam for more money.

I can save both of them the trouble. Drop the middlemen and start acting like men and women.

For starters: Saudi Arabia, you say you're with us. So humor us and arrest more terrorists.

Airlines, you say you want us back in your planes. So quit nickel and diming us for the pleasure.

I mean is it me, or do both these guys just not get it?

U.S. Airways files for bankruptcy, then spouts some nonsense about how it's going to stand by its frequent fliers, only to say some of their refundable fares aren't refundable anymore.

The Saudi royal family reportedly wants to present the racehorse that won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes this year as a gift to victims' families, but ignores those families' requests for more information on the 15 of 19 terrorists who came from Saudi Arabia.

It's insulting. It's stupid. And it's wrong.

And for both, it's a reminder that all the good PR in the world can't take the stink off a skunk.

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