A 63-year-old woman was fatally shot while waiting for a bus, probably killed by a stray bullet from a nearby gang-related shooting, police said.

The woman, who was shot Tuesday afternoon, was identified by police Wednesday as Lois Gean Cole (search). No arrests have been made, police said. Her death comes about a month after another woman was killed by stray gunfire while waiting in line a fast-food restaurant several blocks away.

"It was just so sad. You walk down the street and you see candles at every other corner," said Shekese Lee, 30, who stopped by a memorial for Cole near the site of the shooting. "I am scared as I don't know what."

Daune Lawson, 73, owner of a carpet store next to where Cole was killed, was eating lunch in her office when she heard the gunshots. She saw Cole lying on the ground and called 911.

"It's just a loss. Nobody can afford to walk the streets anymore," Lawson said.

On June 15, Kristine Estrella Tiongson (search) was shot in the head while waiting in line at a restaurant takeout window with her fiance. The stray bullet was fired from at least three blocks away, police said.

Tiongson, 20, died at a hospital the following morning.