Woman Gives Birth Using Dead Husband's Sperm

A British woman gave birth to a baby girl last week after doctors told her the in vitro fertilization treatment she underwent only had a 20 percent chance of working, the Daily Mail reports.

Adding more heart to the story is that Lisa Roberts’ husband, James, died four years ago, according to the newspaper; she had used sperm he had frozen as he battled cancer.

"She’s amazing," Roberts told the newspaper of her newborn daughter, whom she named Jaimie-Rose.

James and Lisa Roberts already had one son, Cameron, now 7, when James Roberts discovered he had a leg tumor.

Doctors told the couple medical treatments would leave James Roberts infertile, so he froze his sperm in hopes that they would one day add to their family.

Lisa Roberts, of Chepstow, Gwent, England, said she didn’t feel strong enough to start IVF treatments until about two years ago.

Her son, Cameron, suggested the name Jaimie-Rose, as a tribute to his father, Lisa Roberts told the newspaper. "I can't believe that something so lovely can come from something so tragic."

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