Woman Gives Birth to Her Own Grandchildren

A Florida woman gave birth to her own twin grandchildren late last year following an in vitro fertilization treatment, the Miami Herald reported Saturday.

Ann Stolper, 59, of Delray Beach, gave birth in December to Itai and Maya Chomsky. The twins belong to Stolper's daughter, Caryn Chomsky, who underwent a hysterectomy two years ago at age 25 after being diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Doctors harvested Chomsky's eggs prior to her radiation treatments and hysterectomy. After Chomsky's surgeries, Stolper, then 57, volunteered to carry her own grandchildren, Physorg.com reported.

"I made the suggestion," Stolper told the Herald. "How about if I carry a child or children?"

Although some doctors will not do in vitro on a woman older than 55, Stolper's heart health, blood pressure and fitness were healthy so she was implanted with her daughter's fertilized eggs.

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The twins arrived Dec. 1, six weeks early but healthy, by Caesarian section at Boca Raton Community Hospital.