Witness: Shooting Spree Suspect Was in Tears

For hours before an outburst of gunfire that killed two people in two states, Allison Lamont Norman (search) was broken down in tears of anguish, a witness said.

"He fell on the floor and said 'Help me, help me,"' Teresa DeShields, mother of his girlfriend, Kisha, said Friday. "He just lay there, moaning and groaning."

Norman, 22, was charged with murder after the series of shootings Thursday that killed two people and wounded four others along a 13-mile stretch from Laurel (search) to Salisbury, Md. He was wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a handgun when he was caught, police said.

DeShields said that while Norman cried on the living room floor of her Laurel apartment, he talked of wanting to kill his mother and a man he said molested him and his half brother as a child.

"All he kept saying was he's got to get revenge for him and his brother," Teresa DeShields (search) said. Norman's mother, Alice Stanford, declined to comment.

Norman's half brother, Shane DeShields, a distant relative of Teresa DeShields, was sentenced to life in prison in October for robbing and killing a 17-year-old. Testimony during his trial showed he had been raped at age 7.

Around 8 a.m. Thursday, Norman demanded that Kisha DeShields, 25, get his gun from a hiding spot in her apartment, she said. Then, police said, Norman shot six people — killing two of them — in Delaware and Maryland over a period of less than an hour.

Authorities were still trying to determine the motive, but they said the victims appear to have been picked randomly.

One of the wounded, Anthony White, 45, of Seaford, Del., said he was shot in the abdomen and leg after meeting Norman by chance along a highway.

"I asked if he was going to Seaford and he said 'Yeah...' and then pulled a gun from under the seat and started shooting. He was just laughing the whole time," White said Friday from a hospital in Salisbury.

Norman was denied bail during a hearing Friday in Salisbury, in which he appeared agitated and interrupted the proceedings with profanity and threats. The judge warned that he would have Norman muzzled at his next appearance.

Norman is charged in Maryland with first-degree murder and use of a handgun during a crime of violence. Prosecutors said other charges, including attempted murder and carjacking, were possible.

He is also charged with first-degree murder in Delaware. When he returns to that state, he will face additional charges of attempted murder, theft, gun violations and wearing body armor while committing a felony, officials said.

The killings came a day after Norman skipped a court hearing related to an October gun fight with another man in Delmar, Del. He faces four weapons violations stemming from that case, court records show.