A Wisconsin woman’s appearance on a popular reality show as an out of control bride could land her a spot behind bars, MyFOXMilwaukee is reporting.

Karee Gibson, 21, says she was just “playing the game” for the cable show “Bridezillas,” which offered to pay for her wedding if she acted like a difficult and fussy bride for the cameras. The show follows brides-to-be as they plan their weddings and make the lives of their friends and family a nightmare in the process.

“I thought it would be a nice opportunity for me to show my acting skills, cause I’ve always wanted to be an actress and also a way for my family to get some income to help me pay for my wedding,” Gibson told MyFOXMilwaukee.

But her bad behavior could be more than just an act for the cameras. According to her probation officer, it’s a violation of a parole agreement stemming back to a fight she got into in high school.

Now the wife and mother will be heading to the Racine County Jail Monday, despite her claim that she asked her parole officer to appear on the show.

Gibson’s attorney Alan Eisenberg says the charges are inexcusable. “She’s engaged in no misconduct of any kind,” he told FOX.

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