Winning Iraq: The Untold Story

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Sat., Dec. 31 at 3 p.m. ET
Hosted by David Asman

Terror attacks always make it to the evening news. But is that the complete picture of what's happening in Iraq? We wanted to find out.

While Americans debate whether we're winning the war in Iraq, we sent FOX News correspondent Greg Palkot and a production team to crisscross Iraq for almost six weeks. You'll see extraordinary reporting — from outside the protected enclaves in Baghdad — a portrait of Iraq that you don't see on the evening news.

This documentary includes reports about peaceful vacations spots, a vibrant Iraq economy, plus interviews with grateful Iraqis and stories of average people triumphing over the terrorists by going about life every day.

One way the terrorists hope to defeat us is by wrecking Iraq's economy. Since you don't see or hear much business news out of Iraq these days, you might assume the terrorist plan is working. But that's not what we found on our travels.

Plus, the terrorists say they're out to win the hearts of the Iraqis. But we'll report on how U.S. troops are beating them on that score, as well.

Tune in this weekend for a candid investigation of who is really winning in Iraq.