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It's our Friday Finals, the big winners and losers of the week.

The big loser, of course, is Paris Hilton. Sobbing in court, screaming "It's not right," crying out for mom, and getting the entire 45-day sentence re-imposed because she thought she could do an end around on the judge. Oops. Not a good bet.

The next big loser is Kathy Hilton, Paris' mother. Kathy evidently has always gotten her way, and has her daughter doing the same. Gee, money can't buy everything after all. Comforting, isn't it?

The next big loser was L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca. Not nice to change the judge's orders. He might get mad, and he might make you look like you're usurping someone else's job.

As for the winners...

The media, for one. Did you see all the scrum around the cop car as Paris headed to court? Can you imagine how much the photographer who got the sobbing shot made on that one picture?

The next biggest winner is Judge Michael Sauer. Hey, they gave me this gavel and this robe. Aren't you guys supposed to do what I tell you to do? Evidently now they listen.

And the biggest winner? Our friend Harvey Levin. His site TMZ.com has owned this story. And the judge is on the record in court saying I heard Harvey Levin says this hearing was going to be by phone, I heard Harvey Levin say Paris wasn't coming to court and, finally, we've heard enough from Harvey Levin by now. Way to go, Harvey, our "Big Story" Friday Final winner of the week.

That's My Word.

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