Will Peterson Get Death?

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Dear Viewers,

We are "on the road" in California — for the Scott Peterson sentencing phase. I get asked all the time if the jury will sentence Peterson to death or not. My answer: I have no idea. As a technical matter, a California jury can "recommend" death and the judge can either adopt that recommendation or not. If the jury's verdict is "life without parole," the judge must impose that sentence (life without parole.) By the way, as easy as it may sound for those who are not on the jury, it is a very difficult decision to actually be on the jury and vote death. It is made more difficult if you have spent 6 months in the same room with the person (Peterson) since you begin to think you know him. This does not mean that this jury will not vote death, only that it is a very difficult decision.

As for my trip out here, at the risk of incurring the wrath of a particular airline, let me tell you what they forgot to load: water!! About two hours into the 6 hour flight, I went to the restroom to wash my hands and there was no water. I stepped out and told the flight attendant who then pushed a button on the wall which showed the quantity of water on board. I saw what she saw: there was no water. She said, "I guess they forgot to load water when the plane landed in Charlotte (my point of origination.)" I then said (with humor), "how did they do on fuel?" She said she did not have that gauge. Yes, we can live without water on a plane but it sure is a warning sign about quality control — or lack of it.

Re: Wisconsin Hunting Murders

E-mail # 1

I grew up in a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland I saw a guy from Philippines go into a bar/restaurant to get some food. All the white guys in that place stood up ask him what you want boy, you have no business in here go back where you belong. They all took their belts off and went chasing after him. They starting beating him and my mother took her car and block the guy from those guys. I pulled him in the car and help him out of there. This man did nothing and was almost beat to death on account of wanting some food. The next day some persons poured gasoline around our house and set it on fire and we knew this was our warning for helping that Philippine guy out.
My point is when we saw that the guy who shot those hunters was of a different race we knew what had went down. Even before the news broke on what happened to him we already called it.

Lets face it he was out hunting and some good old boys who think they own the world taunted him and he was scared. He knew that if he did not get them all there would be one dead Laos person. I am a white woman and have seen this my whole life.

The reason is plainly that some persons of white race cannot let go of the fact that the world is for all people,not just them. They really think that way and you can see this each day on news.

E-mail # 2

Dear Greta,

I continually see the crawler during the Chai Vang hunting murder story stating he used an SKS rifle. He DID NOT, he used a Saiga sporting rifle, made and imported as a hunting/target. There is not a single part interchangeable with the SKS. The Saiga is very popular medium size game, such as deer, hunting rifle. It fires a 7.62x39 (same as the SKS and AK-47 type rifles) cartridge. This is in no way a high powered round, not even close. It is classified as an intermediate power round. Also heard on FOX was the SKS is banned from being imported. Not 100% accurate. ONLY the ones made in China are and it is not for ANY reason other then import sanctions against China. The SKS was made in many former Soviet Bloc countries and importation from those is allowed.

Your reporter (forgot this ones name) around 4pm eastern time Sunday was interviewing a female attorney I believe on her opinion of how she would try the case. She stated "...how many ducks do you need to shoot with a high powered assault weapon..." AAAARRRRGGGGG! Where to start, first the answer would be ZERO! You would not ever hunt ducks with ANY type of a rifle.....you use shot guns only. I do not hunt at all (just a antique rifle collector) and I know this fact very well. Second she was not corrected at all. I believe all this can lead to some very serious misinformation about not only what is and isn't an assault weapon (an SKS is classified by our Federal government as a "Curio & Relic". True assault weapons are fully automatic.

Please oh please (here is the mushy part, LOL) my favorite and ONLY source for truly fair & balanced and (for the most part..) accurate news, verify this information and insure all the reporters get this right and also 'brush up' on it so they can rebuke people they interview/guests when they either get it wrong due to lack of knowledge or with a blatant anti-gun agenda.

Also note, the firearm used is irrelevant, Vang could VERY easily shot the other hunters in the exact same manner if he had an old style "traditional" hunting bolt action rifle.

Respectfully a fan,
Jeff Kanter

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