Why Wait?

Well, it was an interesting mix in Tuesday's show. We went from the ugliness of the tsunami (search) aftermath to the beauty of the Sports Illustrated model search and hopefully kept your interest for the entire three hours.

Kiran was a bright bubbly self and E.D. — as usual — was sensational in her 2005 debut. And may I say that Steve was awesome on New Years Eve along with Alisyn — they were by far the brightest spot on the dial, Friday night. Regis was out of his league and Carson Daly (search) is too cool and hip for me to relate to. If you met me you'd know what I mean.

OK, back to Tuesday's show; a few observations:

Color me naïve, but I just think former Presidents Clinton and Bush together talking rescue — not spouting ridicule — will go a long way to getting the 109th Congress off on a unified footing. As I mentioned in the show, I always knew President Clinton liked "41," but now truly believe he respects "forty-three."

Tuesday's "guest of the day" has to be Doug Wead (search). He wrote the book, "The Raising of a President" and it's just great — not good, but great. I think you'll gain respect for everyone of our commanders in chiefs after you read it. Who knew FDR was bathed by his mom until the age of nine? Obviously, before the era of shower massages. At nine, my mom handed me a used washed cloth and a floor plan on where to find the bathroom.

Quick thought: If we delay the Iraqi elections because of violence will it get worse or better? My hunch is worse. So can we please stop even bringing up the chance of a delay? Get Saudi Arabia Jordan and Syria to urge the Sunnis to vote, reel in the terrorists and lets "get it on."

Here are my remaining book-signing dates:

Toledo, Ohio: January 21 at 7 p.m.
Cleveland, Ohio: January 22 at 1 p.m.
Texas tour stops in Houston and Dallas on January 28 and 29
Jacksonville, Florida: February 3

Details are available on Briankilmeade.com

Thanks for making "The Games Do Count" the 4th best-selling sports book in 2004 currently 7th on The New York Times list!


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