Why the Rilya Wilson Story Is Important

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Well, I was down in Miami over the weekend.  I spoke at Barry University's graduation.  And I also did some nosing around in the Rilya Wilson case.  That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

The national media is largely ignoring the story, but it's very important.  Rilya Wilson is an American citizen, but the little 5-year-old girl got the worst America has to offer.  Her father split, her mother abandoned her so she could live a life of drug consumption.  Her godmother took money from the state of Florida to care for Rilya, and a Florida caseworker was supposed to supervise that care.

But the godmother says she doesn't know what happened to the little girl, even though she did cash the checks.  And the caseworker, Deborah Muskelly, apparently covered up Rilya's disappearance.

Cops think Rilya is dead, and the godmother has failed lie detector tests.

Rilya has an older sister, also in foster care, and Muskelly was that girl's caseworker as well.  But according to reporting by "The Miami Herald," Muskelly did not check on Rilya's sister for many months.

It's obvious that Florida state worker Muskelly did not do her job.  But where is this woman?  The state will not say.

Governor Jeb Bush is finally answering some questions about the case, but his lack of outrage is worth noting.  He has appointed a committee to look into the matter.

Little Rilya deserved more than this.  She deserved loving parents, a state that cared for her as an individual and would protect her from harm.  And finally, she deserves our attention and pursuit of justice.

But Rilya got none of that, and it is America's shame.  Where are the nation's black leaders in this case?  Where Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Kwese Mfume?  Black Entertainment Television?  Where are they?  Why is the state of Florida trying to block information about Rilya's history?  Where are Muskelly and her superior, Willy Harris, who were forced to resign from the child service agency?

But above all, where is the anger on the part of our elected officials?  Where's the outrage that a baby can be so abused by a system that is supposed to protect her?

The Rilya Wilson case parallels the Cardinal Law case.  Once again, atrocities were committed against children.  But where is Law's outrage?  The only thing that man can muster is that mistakes were made, we now know more than we did then.

Well, sorry, cardinal, any clear-thinking person would have known then that when a priest molests a child he should be defrocked, no second chances, cardinal, the crime is that bad.

But Law didn't understand back then.  Yeah, sure.

Talking Points has always known that the most powerful have a talent for looking out for themselves and not for people like Rilya Wilson and the kids who were molested by priests.  The sad cases are windows into the souls of our leaders, and every American should take a good look.

And that's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

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