Why the Doom and Gloomers Got It Wrong

Three months ago, it was all doom, all gloom, all the time.

Hurricane Katrina hit. And it was just a matter of time, we were told, before our economy would be hit as well. And stay hit.

It didn't.

Three months after oil prices rocketed on fears of supply disruption, they tumbled on the realization there was no long-lasting disruption.

Three months after gas prices soared, they've since subsided.

Three months after warnings of hundreds of thousands of jobs lost in this economy, collectively more than 300,000 since "added" to this economy.

Three months after experts were saying the economy would stall, reminders just this week, that in the latest quarter it surged a staggering 4.3 percent.

Three months after they were warning people would stop buying, holiday sales proved they haven't "stopped" buying.

It's amazing, when you think of it.

A nation that's had to endure hurricanes and high energy prices, a protracted Iraq war and deep political divisions, a president with poll ratings in the pits and nearly daily drumbeats of negative news that paints a nation in the pits... we are a nation in the pink.

We're doing, moving, shopping, hiring and booming.

So the next time you hear experts say we can't measure up, tell them to stand down. But first, tell them to shut up.

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