Why Is McDonald's Messing With a Good Thing?

Why is McDonald's messing with a good thing? I mean, did you hear about this?

In an effort to stay ahead of the fast food police, "Mickee-Dees" is changing its world-famous fries to something healthier. The same obscene amount of calories, but not with the same obscene type of fat, namely trans-fatty acids, that make a mess of our arteries. The company says that in a recent test of those new fries, 97 out of 100 consumers noticed no taste difference.

I don't believe it.

Nothing healthier "for" you tastes better "to" you. It's that simple. Besides, why mess with a masterpiece? It's the new Coke fiasco all over again.

And for what?

A claim that you're doing your bit to save our waistlines? Please. Truth be told, we all know what we're getting into when we step into the golden arches. And it ain't exactly a fitness session with Jack Lalanne.

It's good food, albeit not necessarily "healthy" food at a good price. Enough.

You can dress it up or down, all you want. I have as yet to hear a dietician say, "Down those fries. It's OK, they're lower in unsaturated fats." Spare me.

This goes to all you fast food guys. I know you're worried about that 272-pound dude who's suing you, alleging you caused his obesity. Says you never told him your stuff was so fatty. I say this guy is fat in the head and I know about such things! You can't litigate your way to healthy eating. But you can choose where you eat.

So you have a problem with fatty fries, then eat a salad. But McDonald’s pretending to be healthy is like me pretending to be a tri-athlete!

I don't think so. You don't want me in a Speedo. And you don't want McDonald’s in a Jenny Craig commercial.

So "Mickee-Dees," it's one thing for you to throw us a garden salad, but a garden fry? Come on. Be who you are.

We love you, unsaturated fats and all.

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