Why I Support Gay Rights on One Issue

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I'm on record as not being in favor of gay marriage — as in marriage per se — but today is a day to stand firmly in the corner of gay rights, at least on a specific issue.

The issue happens to be important. It is the issue of Arabic translators.

Evidently quite a number of gay men and women enlisted in the military and were quickly sent to language school because of their ability to quickly and efficiently pick up Arabic, which is both fairly difficult to learn and is now a national security priority.

So eventually the gay people in the military were outed, or they outed themselves, and they were kicked out of the military under the don't ask, and especially don't tell rule.

Now some Democrats in Congress are urging the State Department to hire these Arabic translators who happen to be gay.

I'm glad these gay Americans have decided to stick up for their country by helping out with these critical translating chores. I join the Democrats in urging the State Department to hire the gay Arabic translators who got kicked out of the military. I don't think the State Department has a don't ask, don't tell rule, so things should work out fine at Foggy Bottom.

The next thing that is going to happen is that gays are going to say I'm being unfair because I'll take their translation skills, but I won't return the favor of approving of gay marriage. I would just hasten to say that while I'm quite comfortable with gay people, unlike, say, John Edwards, and while I'm for the rights of inheritance and such that we all enjoy extended to gay people, I just think marriage is something that involves men and women.

I realize I may lose this one. I see what's going on in various states, and I know I may one day be invited to a wedding of a gay friend and I will end up toasting the bride and bride or groom and groom along with everybody else. I think I'm right, but I'll get over it if I don't get my way.

Having said all that, I'll also be glad to have the gay Arabic translators back at work. The State Department or somebody in our government should hire them back immediately and just get over it.

That’s My Word.

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