Why Fox News Looks Right to Jon Stewart

So Bill O'Reilly had Jon Stewart on his program this week and it was entertaining, with Stewart and O'Reilly both scoring key points. However, I take issue with one thing Stewart said — no, make that everything.

Stewart made a big deal about Fox News laying off President Bush, while now laying into Obama. This is nuttier than squirrel poop.

While Bush was president, he was trashed by a left-wing posse who delighted in military defeat, for it meant their side was winning. To them "dissent was patriotic," even if it meant dead troops. Fox wasn't ignoring Bush's actions, it was reacting to that — what I would call "patriotic terrorism."

I saw a fully realized anti-American lynch mob, who would rather win an election than a war. And that made me more of a rightie than 9/11, my life at Berkeley and all my head injuries combined. Want to see proof of my point? Ask yourself, where is this feverish anti-war movement now that Obama is in power?

Anyway, Stewart's got to stop whining about Fox tilting to the right. The New York Times just ran a piece pointing out the dearth of conservatives in journalism, theater, therapy and academia. You've got a Democratic House, a Democratic Senate, a Democrat for a president, a liberal media, a left-wing Hollywood, a liberal art and music culture — you've got it all. And you're mad Fox News isn't playing ball?

What happened to that whole "dissent is patriotic" crap? It seems Fox News only looks right, because everything else is left.

Of course, I wish I could have said this to Stewart's face. But I'm not allowed near him. You send a tube sock full of birdseed and nude photos, and suddenly they think you're a threat!

And if you disagree with me, you're probably awesome!

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