Why Does College Cost So Much and Is It Worth It?

Sat., September 2 at 4 p.m. ET
Hosted by Newt Gingrich

The price a college education has gone up more than inflation, more than heath insurance and — most critically — far more the average American family's income.

Today, the average cost of a year at a public university now runs more than $12,000. The average tab a private college: $29,000 a year — some schools run closer to $50,000.

So, as American children get ready for school, high schoolers prepare for their SATs and parents of college students brace for that tuition bill, it's no wonder that Americans all over the country are asking themselves: Why does college cost so much and is it worth it?

This weekend, join host Newt Gingrich as FOX News investigates "Why Does College Cost So Much?"

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We'll introduce you to 18-year-old Jenna Patterson and her family, who are preparing for college and agonizing over which school to pick. We'll look at Jenna's decision and what it will mean for her family's stretched finances.

Plus, are student loans the answer to the rising cost of college? We'll examine whether it's worth going into deep debt to get that diploma.

And, if you think this only affects college-bound students and their families, think again. We'll break down how the cost of college hits every taxpayer.

Tune in this weekend for the FOX News investigation you can't afford to miss.