Why Do Wives Stand by Cheating Husbands?

Why do these wives do it?

Why do they stand up there? Stoic, shattered, emotionless.

Next to the very spouse who violated their sacred vows?

As if being humiliated in private isn't enough, now she has to stand by hubbie's sorry ass?

It's weird. And shows a class and dignity I could never muster up myself.

These women deserve better.

And their husbands should know better.

And be bigger.

Sadly, I predict we'll see more such press conferences. We always do. We always will.

But next time, I hope the offending spouse has the guts to go before the cameras and start with this:

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not bringing my wife here today because I have shamed her in private. I will not compound the sin in public."

"I hope I can fix our marriage. But I'll be damned if I focus on fixing my image more. That's already tattered. I just pray my life with her is not."

Then he could get onto his trysts, and his regrets, his lapses in judgment.

He could spell all that out. Alone. Without anyone. Relying on no one.

I know a lot of these wives feel a sense of duty to be there for the family, for the kids.

Some cynically say they have other agendas.

Maybe some do. But most don't.

Most are committed to the marriage their cheating, lying, scummy husbands dismissed.

They have character.

I'd just like to see, for once, their husbands show the same.

After all, they got into this mess without the wife. Why drag her along when they have to explain it?

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