Why Do Candidates Suck Up to Hollywood?

Now I see Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are still fighting over this David Geffen thing. The Hollywood maestro used to love Hillary. Now he doesn't. He loves Barack.

I just wonder what these guys are fighting over.

Please tell me the last time anyone in Hollywood influenced an election.

Maybe Frank Sinatra swayed a few votes for Jack Kennedy back in 1960.

But to be fair to, a certain debate helped JFK too.

So here's my point — and this goes to any second-tier presidential candidate, Democrat or Republican: You want to go a long way? Tell Hollywood to go to hell.

You heard me: Go out on the stump, stand up there and look the American people in the eye and say this:

"I don't have anyone in Hollywood supporting me."

Not George Clooney.

Not Barbra Streisand.

No Dixie Chicks. Heck, no chicks, period.

I'm not hot. I'm not hip. I'm not worth their time.

You say that, I guarantee, to voters, you will be hot, you will be hip and you will be very much worth their time.

Because real people don't much care what Hollywood thinks. They like their movies. But apparently not their picks. After all, if they did, John Kerry would be president right now. And Al Gore? Well, he'd be in the Vatican!

Politicians are drawn to celebrities because they like to think of themselves as celebrities too. They can't differentiate. Voters can. And history proves, voters do — again and again.

So enjoy their movies. But last tip for you: Don't bother returning their calls.

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