Why Did the Pilgrims Land at Plymouth Rock?

Did you see that beating of the kid playing basketball in Ohio? One boy pushes off against another, which is pretty standard in basketball.The second boy responds with a vicious attack. Shocking is the only way to describe the ferocity of the punches. No action has been taken and the beaten boy’s parents are understandably furious. We will be following up on the story tomorrow.

Since summer began on Wednesday, the grills will be coming out this weekend at the latest. For the tastiest hamburgers you’ve ever experienced get the recipe off the "FOX & Friends" Web page. We had Jim Koch — the happiest man on the planet and owner of Sam Adams brewery — on to show us his newest beers called the Patriot Collection. He explained that many of our Founding Fathers were brewers. David Burke of the incredible New York City restaurant, Burke and Donatella, used the beers to marinate hamburgers. He used foam as the garnish on crab cakes. DELICIOUS!

Here's the beer history fact for the day: Did you know one of the reasons the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock instead of continuing on to Virginia was because they ran out of beer? I never heard it. I didn’t believe it. It’s true — we checked. Why did my history teacher neglect that fascinating fact?!

Tomorrow is FOX Fan Friday and we have planned a beach party. If you are anywhere nearby, come on over! If you are coming to New York City any time this summer remember we do something special for our fans every Friday, so come to 1211 6th Ave. It's on 48th street. Join us for the party!

If you have a kid heading off to college or one who has been there way too long and doesn’t seem to be finding their way consider sending them my book, "Going Places." It contains advice from Tiki, Trump, Rumsfeld, Dolly, Geraldo and O'Reilly. To order it and find out how to get it autographed go to www.hillfriends.com.

Speaking of kids at college, we talked about a new Sprint/Nextel phone that has a GPS system to track where your child is. We hope to try that out soon to see how well it works! We’ll let you know if it’s worthwhile.

Have a wonderful and safe day.

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