Why Can't Congress Juggle Multiple Things?

You know the one great thing about a book tour is you meet some great people, one in particular who decided to let me know how she feels about Washington.

"They're clueless," she said.

But it's what she said next that struck me as absolutely brilliant.

"I'm a middle-aged mom with four kids. I can juggle a lot of things at the same time, why can't Congress?"

She was referring to Congress' apparent inability to address extending the president's tax cuts and other urgent things all because of this constant obsession on all hurricane things.

You know something? She's absolutely right.

Why "can't" Congress walk and chew legislative gum at the same time?

Why can't it move on hurricane relief "and" still keep the legislative agenda intact?

Why can't it move on extending those tax cuts?

Why can't it address Social Security reform?

Or prescription drug relief?

I'm not saying any of these issues have to be resolved to the president's liking, but they should be deliberated and debated to "someone's" liking.

That mom can somehow get her kids to and from soccer practices and recitals and still make dinner and still shop for groceries and still pay bills and still plan family vacations.

Are our elected representatives so slow, so dimwitted, so legislatively constipated that they can't do much more than pontificate on one issue and do squat on another?

Maybe this wonderful mom should go down there and teach 'em how to juggle these things.

She's well prepared. She works with kids.

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