I have gotten thousands, literally thousands, of e-mails from angry Dutch people.

These are the folks from Holland, aka the Netherlands.

A few weeks ago, I wrote what I thought would be a completely inane but amusing ditty of a My Word about the fact that a Dutchman got to marry two women explains why Joran van der Sloot (search) is not in jail.

It took about a week for a Dutch blog to link the column to something written in Dutch that evidently said I hated the Dutch.

I do not but, evidently, a bunch of Dutch people thought I did. So I've been getting these completely humorless and sometimes threatening e-mails suggesting I know nothing about Holland — probably right — and the guy didn't marry the two women, they just had a living together contract.

Now the guy said he loved both women and wanted to marry them both, which was good enough for me. But hey, facts are facts and I guess it's true it was just a living together contract, whatever that is.

Then I got a really nasty e-mail from a Dutch person saying America was such a mess because of the blacks and Jews, and I said he was evidently a racist Nazi.

Somehow that got morphed into me calling all Dutch people Nazis, which I didn't. And I don't think that either. But when one person says America's problem is blacks and Jews, I feel free to call him a racist Nazi.

Now the Dutch are calling me names and threatening to come to New York and shoot me and lecturing me about not knowing about living together contracts.

And I say, "Ok, fine." But how come the emigration trends for Holland show 100,000 Dutch leave every year and are replaced by 100,000 Muslims. And could this be part of why filmmaker Theo van Gogh (search) was killed on the street by an angry Dutch Muslim who actually left a hit list on van Gogh's body, pinned to his chest by the knife that killed him? Is this the kind of attitude that got Dutch lawmaker Pym Fortuyn (search) killed on the street by an angry Dutchman?

Why are the Dutch so angry? And why do they so readily misconstrue what people like me say?

That's My Word.

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