Why Are Democrats Afraid to Denounce MoveOn?

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So where do we stand with Democrats denouncing the MoveOn.org attack on Gen. Petraeus?

Joe Biden has said he didn't agree with the attack and the general is an honorable man.

Wesley Clark denounced the attack, but he's not running for president at the moment.

Today Hillary Clinton passed on the opportunity to make a full-throated denunciation of the ad, saying: "I've never had that opinion, and I've said publicly on numerous occasions, including at the last hearing, how much I respect Gen. Petraeus and his service to our country."

Well, OK, but several bricks short of a load.

Richard Cohen, The Washington Post columnist — and I presume much better described as a liberal than a conservative — attacked her today for not really going after MoveOn over the Petraeus "Betray Us" ad. He said: "Clinton is the front-runner, quite possibly the next president of the United States, and so it is reasonable to focus on her and wonder if, as some allege, she indeed does have a spine."

Cohen, The Washington Post liberal, is calling Hillary to task for being so afraid of MoveOn and its 3.3 million contributors.

He concluded his column by saying that she could have and she should have denounced MoveOn: "It was a moment for her to say that an Army general, under orders and attempting to fulfill a mission, should not be so casually trashed."

He's right, and I'm glad to hear someone other than conservatives saying so.

That's My Word.

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