Why '2012' Has Us Going to the Theaters

So the biggest movie in the world is about the destruction of the world.

I'm not at all surprised.

You know things are pretty bad in 2009 when a movie about it all ending in 2012 is all the rage. But I think we should turn this thing around to our advantage.

If we're so convinced this flick based on a Mayan calendar prediction is right, then what's wrong with acting precisely like it is right?

Look at the bright side: Who needs health care reform? Come to think of it, who needs health care, period?

I mean, what's the rush for an MRI if the Earth is DOA?

Forget it.

Forget preventive medicine.

Forget preventive anything.

Eat all the junk you want.

That goes for you too, vegetarians: the hell with the hummus, have a hoagie. Have two.

And forget about modifying your mortgage. The way Washington works, quit paying yours now. I'd say you've got years before they catch up with you. And by the time they do... boom!!

That's why I really think this movie has us going to theaters in droves.

Forget about it getting us panicking, it's getting us wondering.

Not about life as we know it ending in three years, but all the fun we can have these next three years.

So starting today, you have my permission to stop saving and start partying.

You've got three years.

Make it count.

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