Who's to Blame?

Among the record setting number of e-mails I received on Monday's Common Sense, came this note from Brian Escapo:

"It's easy for you to sit high and mighty, likely having never known a single day of suffering yourself, yet advising your viewers to suffer. Walk a mile in my shoes, Cavuto, and deal with my illnesses. I'd teach you a thing or two about suffering."

Brian, suffice it to say, I don't need your lectures. You suffer — many suffer — but don't play the victim card with me.

I ran into a woman Monday doing just that. Riddled with multiple sclerosis (search), she is a shell of the woman she once was — and she's angry, even bitter. She blames her children for not caring more, her husband for not empathizing more and the government for not doing more.

I was as blunt with her as I'm about to be with you, Brian: Shut up.

Her kids didn't give her M.S. Her husband didn't wish her M.S. And her government didn't plot to afflict her with M.S.

She got it. It stinks. It happens. Move on.

How wonderful would it be if we could wave a wand and make an illness disappear?

We can't. Our kids can't. Our spouses can't. And our government can't.

We spend an inordinate amount of time in this country playing the victims in this country, or "to" the victims in this country. We seek retribution for our rage and a fair share for our pain. We feel we are owed. But I feel most of us are not.

Things happen to some of us that have nothing to do with any of us. So we look to the government, when sometimes I think we'd be wiser looking somewhere else: in the mirror.

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