Another day, another complicated financial scandal. This time it's mutual funds.

Apparently some of them are giving preferential treatment to certain customers to trade their shares when average slobs like us could not.

Some in the industry are shocked at the fallout. I'm shocked they're shocked.

So this is to all you mutual fund companies who can't grasp the enormity of our rage out here: Don't lie. Don't wiggle. Don't cajole. Don't favor. Don't be the smarmy worms you seem to be comfortable being.

The rules that apply to some, should apply to all.

If we can't trade after hours, no one should trade after hours.

If you prefer to honor only some customers, you alienate all customers.

You're as good as your word, and right now, your word stinks.

You're phony. You're disingenuous. Your fees are too high and your morals are too low.

You give lip service to customer service.

You say you revere us, yet you ream us.

So quit taking out full-page ads telling us how good you are and take full stock about how creepish you've been.

Our money made you, yet your response seems to be "screw you."

Well, the hell with you.

You can hedge money. But you can't hedge decency.

Pity, you freaks of finance, with all your fancy degrees, can't tell the difference.

May you rot in hell trying to figure it out.

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