Who's in Need of Rejuvenation?

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The New York Times was never a great fan of Pope John Paul II (search).

Their editorials complained that he was too conservative on issues like divorce, birth control, homosexuality and priestly celibacy. And that editorial judgment often spilled over into their reporting, as well. Even their Sunday obituary managed a final dig at Pope John Paul II. The Times obituary focused on the pope’s deteriorating physical condition and then said: “Some critics said it was a symbol of a papacy in need of rejuvenation.” Of course, the Times obituary never tells us who “some critics” are.

But Catholic World News asks the following about those unnamed critics: “How many of those critics are below retirement age themselves? How many are the tired old anti-warhorses of the 1960s? How many of them could stand a bit of rejuvenation? And how many of those ‘critics,’ who pride themselves on their appeal to the younger generation, are still waiting for the kids to join in singing Kumbaya— and wondering why there were tens of thousands of teenagers in St. Peter's Square, praying, all weekend?”

In fact, the number of Roman Catholics (search) in the U.S. has increased a bit faster than population growth during John Paul’s papacy—65 million Catholics in the U.S. today vs. 50 million in 1980. So maybe the only thing that needs rejuvenation is the New York Times.

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