Whoopi, Subway, 'Catwoman,' Emmy Awards

Whoopi canned, that Subway guy, "Catwoman" mysteries and Emmy hits and misses in today's Foxlight.

So Whoopi Goldberg (search) got canned from a canned diet company? Let me ask the rude question. Did she ever look like she lost any weight? Are we sure it was her language at that Kerry fund-raiser that got her kicked off the gig?

Meanwhile, a real loser who's a winner -- Jared -- just landed a longer contract with Subway (search). At least with Subway I believed those were his old pants.

Next, Eric Benet (search) can say he made a mistake all he wants. Still doesn't explain the most obvious question ever posed on planet Earth: Why would anyone cheat on Halle Berry (search)?

Speaking of "Catwoman," (search) for weeks I've been hearing that Sharon Stone (search) is the best thing about the movie. So where is she in the trailer? Blink and you'll miss her. Foxlight's basic instinct is that's a mistake in Marketing 101. On the other hand, maybe they think the average audience member -- age 15 -- doesn't even know who Stone is.

Finally, tip of the Foxlight to the Emmy (search) folks for recognizing Fox's "Arrested Development" as a best comedy nominee. Now, as for "Friends" and "Sex and the City," guys, it's over. "Sex and The City" actually got the most comedy nominations. Are they serving lame duck a l'orange at the Emmys this year? Oh wait, I just found out reruns of the show are starting in Singapore. I'm sure they'll be watching the Emmys very carefully.