Who Will the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Serve?

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Democrats continue to stall the nomination of John Bolton (search) as our ambassador to the United Nations. For all the talk about him being too tough, their real beef with Bolton is that they believe he thinks the U.N. stinks and should be shut down if it can't be cleaned up.

But there may be an even bigger issue. Who will be John Bolton's boss if his nomination is approved? OpinionJournal.com editor James Taranto found an interesting job description, in The Washington Post.

"Most Republicans skipped the hearing, leaving Democrats largely unchallenged as they assailed Bolton's knack for making enemies and disparaging the very organization he would serve."

Now, look closely at that last line: "…the very organization he would serve." Is Ambassador Bolton really supposed to “serve” the U.N. if he becomes U.S. ambassador there? For those who think this is nit picking, remember that Kofi Annan believed the Iraq war was illegal.

So in the months before the war, was our ambassador to the U.N. supposed to have disobeyed President Bush in order to serve and obey Kofi Annan? Apparently this is something the editors at the Post, and perhaps a few Democrats, haven't really considered.

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