Who Says Celebrities Shouldn't Run for Office?

Beware of elitists -- they're usually wrong.

Take the Beltway crowd’s growing indignation over celebrities entertaining political careers.

"They're making a mockery of the process," says one.

"What on earth does Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) know about governing anything?" chimes another.

I say, says who?

Look, if a celebrity, or an actor, or a singer, or an athlete, or Jerry Springer (search), or dare I say it, even an anchor, wants to run for office, then have at it. Let the people decide.

Because I'll tell you this, the people are a pretty good judge of talent and who can and cannot make it. Besides, I've seen a lot of seasoned political pros screw up royally. I say, give somebody else a chance.

Judging whether celebrities fit the political bill isn't my point, dismissing them out of hand is.

They said the same of another actor, Ronald Reagan, pursuing the California governorship nearly four decades ago. He didn't do too badly.

Trust me, elitists get it wrong -- half the time because they only like other elitists.

It goes way back. They used to call Abraham Lincoln a backwoods country bumpkin. Last time I checked, he turned out OK.

They said a former cookie guy from Nabisco taking over IBM a decade ago would be a mistake. But I think old Lou Gerstner proved them wrong.

In New York state, they said emperor Mario Cuomo had nothing to worry about from an obscure small town mayor, who had few other political qualifications. New Yorkers went on to elect George Pataki three times.

My point is that their point is pointless.

Americans are pretty smart. We don't look for a training school for our elected officials. We take them from all walks of life because we represent all walks of life.

Believe me, a savvy political operative can fail just as much as an actor, or singer. Because it doesn't depend on what they did before they came to the job, but what they do in that job.

Life is more common sense, than cutting science. So cut the bull.

I'd sooner trust the guy who has it right in his heart, than the blowhard who thinks he knows it all in his head.

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