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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And tonight in "Your America," now early yesterday morning, 11 windows were smashed at the Democratic Party headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Now immediately following that act of vandalism, the head of Colorado's Democratic Party alleged that the damage was probably inflicted by an opponent of President Obama's health care plan.

But Maurice Schwenkler, the only person charged in the incident so far is far from a conservative. In fact, he was at one time a paid operative of the Democratic Party and even went door-to-door for candidates. He was also arrested at the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minnesota on charges of unlawful assembly.

So I think an apology from the chairman or the chairwoman in this case of Colorado's Democratic Party may, in fact, be in order.

And joining me now with more on this story is the author of The New York Times best-seller, number one, four weeks in a row, "Culture of Corruption," we have back with us, Michelle Malkin.

Michelle, thanks for being with us.


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HANNITY: Well, I looked at your Web site today, Michelle. And by the way, you have two great Web sites. Hot Air and your own Web site, MichelleMalkin.com, but you know, you said, "Fake Hate Alert: Leftist Vandalized Democratic Headquarters; Democrats Smear ObamaCare Foes."

But this is what we've been experiencing now for weeks, which is the besmirching, the smearing of anybody that opposes ObamaCare and now there's even charges of racism if you disagree with Obama's policies, right?

MALKIN: Yes. Sean, this is a teachable moment in Democrats' intellectual honesty.


MALKIN: It really is. And let me read for you the quote from Pat Waak, who's the state Democratic Party chair here in Colorado. She said after this incident was reported two days ago, it happened at 2:00 in the morning. She said, immediately, knee-jerk, she said, quote, "Clearly there's been an effort on the other side to stir up hate. I think this is the consequence of it," unquote.

And despite the fact that Maurice Schwenkler is unhinged, left-wing, nutball, who had been paid by a 527 called Colorado Citizens Coalition to go out and canvas for a state Democratic candidate here. Despite the fact that this guy, as you mentioned, Sean, had been arrested at the Democrat National Committee convention.

HANNITY: Convention. Yes.

MALKIN: I'm sorry, Republican committee convention in St. Paul. Despite his history all over the Internet of being a left-wing activist, Pat Waak refuses to retract.

HANNITY: All right, let me.

MALKIN: ... her smear of town hall protesters.

HANNITY: But you know, I remember the "American Thinker" just a week, two weeks ago had an article where they quoted Alinsky and his advice to students when George Herbert Walker Bush was then in charge of the U.N. ambassador. You know, rather than just protest, his suggestion, rules for radical, was to show up as Klan members to sort of create the appearance that Republicans are a bunch of racists, Klan-supporting and Klan-sympathizers, et cetera. It's almost seems out of that playbook, in a way, doesn't it?

MALKIN: It is classic Alinsky tactics. And you see that with the Democrat Party officials, not just the hard left ideologues playing this out on the field, and you know we have been talking about this for almost a month now, Sean, about how these masters of Astroturf are going and accusing their political opponents of what they practice so masterfully themselves.

HANNITY: Yes, and Michelle, I want to go back to the issue of health care. I want to look at this from a political perspective and get your perspective on it. Because this is what I envision, we know where the American people are, we know what every credible poll in the control is.

Americans are against it. They are expressing passion and outrage that I find inspiring. And they're being demonized. They're being attacked. Here's what I envision. Blue Dog Democrats are going to go back to Washington after this recess. They're going to be pulled into the oval office, the majesty of that office.

There's going to be promises made to build their campaign coffers. There's going to be promises that the president might appear and raise money for them. Pork barrel spending, taxpayer dollars are going to be offered.

Where did they come down on the end? Because their careers are in jeopardy but the arm-twisting is going to be, you know, fast and hard and then of course, Chicago tactics involved as well. Where do they come down?

MALKIN: Sure. Knuckles are going to be cracked and heads are going to be rolled. And it really depends on how aggressive their own constituents are at raising their voices and countering those influences. And we're going to see between now and September 8th the left-wing machinery crank up even more.

They're planning a series of protests of their own to try and counter the tea party movement. And they're doing it, you know, quite cleverly because, of course, most of the folks who have been able to come out during the summer have jobs, have kids that they have to take to school.


MALKIN: And it's all the more reason to try and balance that out by getting on the phones, melting those phone lines, and putting pressure on those Blue Dog Democrats to live up to their principles.

HANNITY: John McCain has a town hall meeting and MoveOn.org and some of these other groups are planning to go and disrupt it. One of the things that we're seeing here, it's very different. Because the stay-at-home moms, the veterans, the grandmothers and grandfathers that have been showing up organically at these town halls and expressing natural passion, it seems the manufactured side of this debate, very ACORN like, now is the Democratic Party.

They're paying people to show up. They're getting their union bodies to show up. They're literally what I think is the moral equivalent of bribing people. If you look at some of these bills, they're going to be the beneficiaries of it. So isn't the real Astroturfing on the left and the media hasn't picked up on it?

MALKIN: It certainly is. And let's take a look at — I know you have been mentioning the Whole Foods boycott by the far left, Sean. "The Boston Herald" reported yesterday that Organizing for America was involved in getting its people out to one of those Whole Foods protests. And then you also have the Fat Cats at the United Food and Commercial Workers Union who've been handing out fliers and demonizing the CEO, John Mackey, for expressing dissent and coming up with substantive alternatives.

That's what we're dealing with. And guess what, people are seeing the very ugly side of this and they've crossed the line.

HANNITY: Well, and this guy, John Mackey, the Wall Street Journal has a great piece and that great alternatives, he's one of the most generous CEOs in the country. He gets paid the equivalent of $33,000. You would think that's the guy that liberals would look up to, but — Michelle, congrats on the book. Thanks for being with us.

MALKIN: Thanks, Sean.

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