Who Knew? Cell Phone Elbow Can Be a Real Pain in the Arm

In today’s technological society, it’s not unheard of for one’s wrist to be sore after a long day at the computer, or one’s thumbs to be in pain after a rigorous texting match.

But cell phone elbow?

Cubital tunnel syndrome – pain in one’s forearm, which may be accompanied by numbness or tingling, is caused by compression of the ulnar nerve and is brought upon by too much talking on your cell phone, HealthDay News reported.

(FYI: The ulnar nerve is located beside the bony bump within your elbow).

The disorder is caused by flexing the elbow for an extensive period of time, so think of how you hold the phone to your ear and just how many phone calls you make during the day.

Symptoms include a loss of muscle strength, coordination and mobility; for example, typing may become difficult, according to a report in Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine. If these symptoms are not treated, the ring and pinky finger can eventually become clawed.

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