Who is the Victim?

Do you know what bugs me about this ongoing church scandal? The way the church has been responding as if it is the victim.

I know it's tough on priests. But it's not about priests.

I know it's tough on the church. But it's not about the church.

And I know it's tough on lending to Catholic charities. But it's not about lending to Catholic charities.

It's about kids.

It's about kids whose lives were shattered, whose names were hidden and whose secret payments were hushed.

It's about deception, ironically by the very people who are supposed to be anything but.

It's about losing sight of the mission for the pain it has caused.

As a Catholic, I can tell you, it pains me to report these things. But it doesn't mean we cover up these things. Or think that what matters is how the church is affected by these things.

A good church, a forthcoming church, an eager and willing to cleanse church, will survive this. But a hiding church, a secretive church, even a deceptive church cannot and will not.

I don't like people playing victims.

I don't like priests playing victims.

God will take care of the good ones.

It's up to us to take care of the bad ones.

And it's up to the church to grow up and appreciate the difference.

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