Who Is John Kerry?

The Democratic National Convention (search) in Boston this week was all about "introducing" John Kerry (search) to the nation. With fewer than 100 days to go before the election, why did the Party feel he had not been properly introduced?

Maybe it's because Democrats have spent the last four years pouring out their hatred for President Bush.

Their selection of Kerry was not their first choice, anymore than John Edwards (search) was Kerry's first choice. And Edwards told NBC this week that he isn't sure he would have asked Kerry to run with him had he been the nominee instead of Kerry.

Have we ever had a campaign that was more about what and who people are against than what and whom they are for?

Newsweek magazine's cover story on Kerry this week was called "In Search of John Kerry: The Keys to His Character."

Turn the page and you'll find a foldout ad for a Discovery Channel program about Christopher Columbus. The ad copy says, "No man has ever gone further to hide his true identity." The same could be said about John Kerry.

Kerry hides his liberalism with appeals to conservative values — strong economy, strong military, winning the War on Terror, affordable health care and his Catholic faith, which is so private he doesn't impose it on himself. But it's his proposed solutions that unmask him as an unreconstructed liberal.

He thinks the way to a stronger economy is higher taxes, when history and that other JFK proved the opposite.

He would fight terrorism at the United Nations and in consultation with France and Germany.

Affordable health care means breaking the bank with even more spending, rather than competition, which helps bring prices down.

Virtually all of the speakers at the Democratic Convention — from Hillary Clinton to John Edwards and John Kerry — were unreconstructed liberals from the Michael Dukakis-Walter Mondale-George McGovern-Ted Kennedy mold. There wasn't a single pro-lifer or school voucher advocate in the bunch.

The Republican ticket should be able to beat these guys by exposing their true identity.

And that's Column One for this week.

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