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GLENN BECK, HOST: Now, who is Deepak Bhargava?

Scott Baker from Breitbart TV is the gentleman who originally sent me these clips.

Scott, how are you?

SCOTT BAKER, BREITBART TV: I'm doing good, Glenn. And, you know, you said, this is complicated stuff, but the deeper you go on your show, the bigger the audience — can't figure that out.

BECK: I know, you know what — because I think people — unless you're in Washington — people sense, well, there's something to that. They can see this tree start to go.

So, help me out on who this guy is, because I don't — I'm not even claiming this is a bad guy or anything. Who is he?

BAKER: Well, you know, when I — we came across these clips, the ones you played in the first segment, I sent them off to you right away, because when you hear words like stealthy agenda.

BECK: Yes.

BAKER: ...that sort of gets my attention.

BECK: Right.

BAKER: I'm ready to say, OK, well, let's de-stealthify this thing a little bit, you know, if we can.

BECK: Sure.

BAKER: And, you know, as you said, he is not a guy that works in the White House, but he's not just a guy, either. There are connections between Deepak Bhargava and his Center for Community Change, and Obama and organizations that they've all worked with for a long time.

BECK: OK. What are they?

BAKER: I mean, it goes back — well, you know, you mentioned that he worked for ACORN for 10 years. He was at Harvard at the same time Obama was.

But we really started to look at, in a piece that we put up on Breitbart TV this afternoon, you know how your buddy, Wade Rathke, kind of built the factory for all of these groups to come together in coalition, and it was Deepak Bhargava who decided to launch an organization that's called the National Campaign for Jobs and Income Support. This was back in 2000.

And our "B-Cast" show, we uncovered a document that shows that one of the people that that was there for the launching event, to launch this what they called the Marriage of Labor and the Poor was Barack Obama, right? So, he was there standing with them. They shared a lot of the same agenda items, right? And they were very supportive.

That's why Obama, when he was campaigning for president, went to their event, the one that you mentioned in 2007.

BECK: OK. But that again, that doesn't mean — they maybe, and this is what caught my eye, is they are saying the same things. They are using the same language.

Now, if I'm a — you know, I could be at a — for instance, I received an award from the NRA, I don't know, about a year ago, and there were, I think, 10,000 people there. And I spoke and there were other speakers. I didn't necessarily agree with the other speakers.

However, I will tell you this that I — I think if I was sitting there and I heard somebody else using the exact same language but I knew it was -
- they were going in a completely different direction, I think I would have said, "By the way, that's not the same kind of language — that doesn't mean the same thing to me." Is it fair to say that, Scott?

BAKER: Well, I was thinking about this when I was driving over. I thought — I knew you were going to play those clips about Obama saying we get ready, that we're going to have this, you know, fundamental transformational change. That's — in a way, that sounds to me like surgery. And if you're going to have major surgery, you kind of want to know who the doctors are. In fact, I think if you're lying there on the table, everybody has got a mask on. I want to know what's going on behind the masks. Who are these people?

And I think that it's clear that Deepak Bhargava and his groups have been pivotal to being part of the team, right? And that's why at that 2007 event, they said to Obama, "You know, after you're inaugurated, will you include us in the planning, in the process of policy?" Obama said, "Inauguration — I'm not waiting for the inauguration. As soon as the transition hits, you're in," right?


BAKER: So, we put in the piece from the transition time where he sends over Valerie Jarrett and sends over other White House staff members to the conference in Washington sponsored by them and they said, "Hey, we're bringing you guys on." And he did. He's hired, you know, people that are deeply involved in these groups right at the White House.

And I think they are the ones that are implementing that stealthy agenda, which is why Deepak Bhargava is saying, "A-plus on the report card. This is amazing what you guys have done in four months. "

BECK: Can you give me the — can you give me the C-SPAN clip? This is from December 2008. Here we go.


BHARGAVA: We are here because the crisis our country is facing demands big and bold solutions, not small and timid ones. The two roundtables today of community leaders, leaders of allied organizations and policymakers will take on the two great challenges of our time, building a new economy for shared prosperity and expanding our democracy. We will need to move from the politics of protests to the challenge of governing.


BECK: What does that — what does that clip tell you, Scott?

BAKER: Well, it says to me that he's not just a guy standing over on the sidelines. When he's standing there at an event with White House officials saying it's time to transition the governing, he means it, right? And that's why I think this is so important. It is important for us to look at the people — because Obama said, "If you want to know what I'm about, look at the people around me." Who has he marched with? Who has he worked with? What are they for?


BAKER: And you have played those clips. People should be scared. It's deep stuff.

BECK: OK. Tomorrow, I'm going to show you another connection where we do have the connection from this guy to somebody else to Barack Obama, and we'll follow the dots on tomorrow's broadcast. Thanks a lot, Scott.

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