Some common sense solutions to stories where the mainstream media is not doing their job:

Another Bailout?

Conservatives have warned about a Fairness Doctrine, but I don't think it's going to happen. Remember: It's all about misdirection — watch the other hand. They're not going to do the Fairness Doctrine; it'll be 1,000 tiny paper cuts.

Let's start with our favorite topic: another bailout. A group of minority broadcasters asked Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner for a bailout on Monday. Broadcasting is pretty similar to the financial and auto industries, so it's no biggie, right?

Well, dig a little deeper and you'll see the web of connections that no one else wants to show you. Which lawmakers signed the letter? None other than our old pals Barney Frank, Charlie Rangel and House Majority Whip James Clyburn.

Wait a minute. Clyburn, Clyburn... why is that name familiar? Oh yeah, he's the civil rights hero and Democratic Party heavyweight whose support and eventual endorsement of candidate-Obama helped get him into the White House.

On a completely unrelated note, Clyburn's eldest daughter, Mignon, a former weekly newspaper publisher, was nominated to be a member of the FCC. That's the same FCC that regulates broadcasters, including the 7.7 percent of minority-owned radio stations and 3.2 percent of minority-owned TV stations that just asked for a bailout.

Can you say "conflict of interest"? Nope, in community organizer-in-chief Obama's world that's called "transparency."

Oh, by the way, the minority groups may not get a bailout. But mark my words, it will be easier to find funds for "alternative programming" to get radio stations out of the hands of mean white people.

That's Stimulating

Pretend you are the CEO of a company. How many jobs do you think you could create with $413 million? Now how many jobs do you think the government stimulus can create with $413 million? In New Hampshire, the answer is 34 full-time jobs.

No, not 34,000 — just thirty-four. That works out to $12,147,059 of your tax dollars for every job the state has created.

With that kind of fantastic production, it's no wonder that the state will eventually get between $500-750 million in stimulus funds. Taking the higher number, that would get the great state of New Hampshire a whopping 62 jobs created or saved.

Who said states don't know how to stretch a dollar?

Don't Count Out Palin

The only people counting Sarah Palin out are those who believe only in party politics, those who hated her anyway (mainly the cast of "Saturday Night Live") and those who don't understand the paradigm will shift. But don't you count her out.

You'll remember she announced she would stepping down as Alaska's governor later this month. While her critics have said the move amounts to political suicide, there's some encouraging news for her supporters. Her political action committee received $200,000 in donations since her July 3 announcement, in addition to the more than $700,000 in the first half of the year. Of that money, 57 percent came from donors who contributed less than $200.

That sounds like a lot of grassroots support. But is anyone reporting that?

Compare that to the gads of reporting about the great grassroots movement of candidate Obama. According to The Washington Post, only a quarter of the money Obama raised came from small donors — which I may point out was a smaller percentage than George Bush raised in 2004.

Separately, you'll remember that a lot of the Obama donors were big donations cut up and disguised as a bunch of smaller ones. But you know, that is the real grassroots, where you'll find lots of little acorns scattered.

Summer Reading

How much would you pay to read Senator Ted Kennedy's memoir? Think it's worth 1,000 bucks? Well, that's what his publisher wants to charge for one leather-bound limited edition of the book.

Yes, really.

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