'White Noise' Latest TV-Centric Thriller

Yes, it's another thriller about scary things in the TV set.

"White Noise," (search) which debuts this weekend, stars Michael Keaton (search) as a grieving husband drawn to noises on the radio and images in television snow, which he comes to believe are messages from beyond the grave.

The movie centers around the controversial premise of electronic voice phenomenon (search), the alleged capturing of the voices of the dead on electronic recording devices, which has a legion of believers. New technology has only strengthened their faith.

"As the technology evolved, so has the communication. And it's really — the reason it's so technological is simply that it's a means for them to communicate with us — and they're using it," EVP experts Tom and Lisa Butler, who have used EVP to help people with grief, told FOX News.

Keaton was a little more skeptical.

"I'm not saying things like this aren't interesting to me, because they are, because I have a big curiosity about a lot of things — but it's not like, 'Oh, I love this area and I've always wanted to do a movie about this.' I wasn't really thinking about it one way or another," he told FOX.

However, the "Beetle Juice" actor thinks that even if it's not EVP, there's still "something else" out there.

"I'm not exactly a non-believer," he said. "I have a lot of doubts about a lot of things — but there has to be something. If not this, then ...," Keaton said, leaving the question open.

Paranormal aside, Keaton thinks the movie is worth your $10.

"It's just a big 'ol scary fun ride that you get real involved in — it's very tense but, like, good tense, you know?" he told FOX.

But critics, such as AP film writer Christy Lemire, are trying to scare people away from theaters.

"We've already seen this paranormal territory covered more effectively in the unusually successful American remake of 'The Ring,' and, long before that, in the truly scary 'Poltergeist,'" she wrote in her review.

The New York Daily News gave "White Noise" one and a half stars.

FOX News' Mike Waco and Anita Vogel contributed to this report.