Where Was Bill?

The big story was Microsoft. The big focus was Bill Gates. And the big thing sticking in my craw is that Fox News Channel didn't get an interview with Mr. Gates.

Mr. Gates appeared everywhere else, but he didn't appear on my show. Why was that?

I don't fault Bill Gates. I don't think the guy cares who's interviewing him. But, I do fault his public relations people. They made it clear that they didn't want me doing this interview.

That might have something to do with my prior interview, just a few weeks ago, when Microsoft was debuting its Office-XP software. The interview was cut off. The guy cutting it off was John Pinette, a Microsoft public relations executive, who had clearly had enough.

Mr. Pinette said, and emphasized in e-mails to me, that the interview was cut right there, because I was going over my allotted time. Pinette claims that it had nothing to do with the questions I was asking or the tone or the approach I was taking. I take him at his word.

So why didn't I get Mr. Gates yesterday?

Pinette apparently put out a very different word yesterday that Neil Cavuto was not to be given any interview with Gates. Period. That my previous interview was over the top and unfair and that I would not be given another one. We found out about this not when that interview was conducted but yesterday, when we were trying for Mr. Gates.

Now I invited Mr. Pinette to come on and explain why I was rejected. He declined and that's his right. But here's my right to 'fess up and just tell the facts. If I screw up, let me know. If I'm unfair, let me know. And if I'm unfair to Bill Gates, you better let him know. Because I frankly don't think he does know.

Here's the killer though. I'm the guy who's written in the New York Post and spoken on air that the government has a problem with successful companies like Microsoft. That it almost relishes bringing them down, precisely because they are successful. I incurred a lot of wrath for that.

But I don't mind. That's my view.

Now this. I'm clearly persona non grata at Microsoft. I've clearly been singled out. Because I do my job? Because I don't toe anyone's line? Because I ask my own questions? I don't know. But I think it stinks. And I think it's unfair. And more, I think it's dishonest.

If you feel the same way, and have the same questions, feel free to e-mail Mr. Pinette himself at:


Or call him at 1-425-936-0755

Let him know that you want to know why is the fair and balanced network getting rolled and ignored.

I owed you an explanation and so does he.

Mr. Pinette, you're more than welcome to come on my show any time, any day, to give us one.

And Mr. Gates, it goes without question, we'd love to have you on. Please have your people call us — again, any time.