Where Is the Outrage?

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Wednesday, a series of huge car bombs went off in Baghdad killing dozens of innocent Iraqi Muslims. So where is the outrage from other Muslims?

Read Al Jazeera (search) and other Arabic Web sites. Read transcripts of Islamic scholars and preachers. Their outrage about U.S. actions in Iraq far outweighs — in passion and volume — their outrage over terrorist atrocities in Iraq.

Terrorists who carry out the daily slaughter of innocent Muslims in Iraq are called insurgents. Occasionally they’re referred to as freedom fighters. There is some condemnation about terrorism, to be sure. Muslims in London and the U.S. just issued a fatwa (search) against terrorism. And this week I had on a Muslim guest who’s outraged that Muslims don’t actually name Bin Laden, Zarqawi and other terrorists as apostates who will burn in hell. But it took attacks in London to bring out these fatwas.

A few weeks ago terrorist butchers targeted Iraqi children, who were taking candy from a GI (search). Eighteen children were blown apart by a car bomb. Why wasn’t there a fatwa issued against terrorism then? Because that was in Iraq, and Iraq is where the U.S. is the enemy and Muslim terrorists are allies.

Muslim leaders prefer to cling to stupid lies about the U.S. taking over (like we really want to stay in Iraq!) and stealing oil (at $65 a barrel!) instead of banding with the U.S. to defeat terrorists. Until that changes, innocent Muslims in Iraq haven’t got a chance.

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