When Will Russia Walk the Walk?

I remember years back in a prior job having this boss who kept saying, "Remember, my door is always open." By the way, it wasn't -- ever.

He yapped a lot about wanting to meet the troops. Fact is, he couldn't be bothered meeting with the troops. Actually, he hated the troops and they hated him. I hated him! Because he never much talked to them and when he did, he'd just complain or whine. In other words: He talked the talk, but he didn't walk the walk.

Something tells me Russia's acting a lot like that former boss of mine.

The country holds itself up as this open, transparent beacon of capitalism. But weird, and unsettling things keep happening. A top Russian bank reformer was shot dead this week along with his driver by two gunmen who up and fled.

It echoed the shooting of Paul Klebnikov, the editor of Forbes Russia magazine. Then before that, the unsuccessful assassination attempt on Anatoly Chubais — the guy behind Russia's privatization programs.

Now I don't know, it seems to me anyone who wants to clean things up there gets wacked there, which makes me wonder about plowing more money there.

All I know is that a country that talks up capitalism but wines and dines Hugo Chavez, ain't exactly a poster child for Adam Smith; because there can be no "wealth" for this nation, unless it's first onboard reforming its nation.

Now it says it is. But a lot of corpses keep turning up. No doubt, people who once thought it was.

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