When Will Peterson Case End?

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Dear Viewers,

Last night we were back "home" — not sure how long that will last since it is likely I will return for the close of the Peterson trial. I went straight to work from the airport.

If you are a faithful viewer and hang onto the very end of the show, you are wondering, "why did you quickly look to your left at the end of the show?" That was the first question my husband asked me when he saw me (not, "so glad you are home...how was Redwood City?")

Here is why....as I was saying good bye last night on the air, something fell off the wall to my left and went crashing to the floor. It turned out to be some power cord ....not a big deal...but loud and surprising...enough to have me turn quickly...and of course it looked silly for me to suddenly look off camera. And yes, thanks to my husband for noticing my mistake and thanks for pointing it out as if I did not know.....

While out in Redwood City, I learned an interesting "factoid" —- Laura Ingle used to do security at rock concerts. She is shorter than I am so I found it a bit amusing and thought I would pass it on to you.

I have attached some pics to www.gretawire.com today .....if you are reading this by direct e mail, you will want to go to the website and check them out. I have also videostreamed some of our General Myers interview I had last week since I get asked in e mails if we are going to re-air it. Since I do not know if we will re-air it, this is a good way to make it available now to those who want to see it (again.)

Also we are videostreaming our interview with Owen LaFave - Debra LaFave's husband. She is the woman charged with having sex with a 14 year old. I received a lot of mail on the segment and thought I'd give you another chance to watch it.

Emails have been pouring as the Peterson case winds down. I keep getting asked when it will end and I don't know. I grabbed Peterson's attorney in the courthouse on Wednesday and asked him for his best estimate and he said that testimony will likely end on Tuesday. That means there will be closing arguments and deliberations on Wednesday. I have no idea how long the jury will take to decide this case.

Here are some randomly grabbed e mails from the show e mail account: (as you might have guessed, I received many about that teacher having sex with her student):

E-mail # 1

Dear Greta,
Interesting, now that the Peterson trial has reached the penalty phase, to watch the lawyers trying to "humanize" this turd and show the jury that he's a pretty decent guy after all.

If killing your wife and unborn baby and dumping them in the bay doesn't earn the guy some serious credibility as your basic sociopath and homicidal maniac, please explain to me exactly what would do the trick.

E-mail # 2

Yea, I know. I’ll put it this way, there was no forensic evidence, and credible people saw her walking around. That’s a pretty strong indicator. The mistake was in charging him in the first place, without any real evidence. You throw him in front of a bunch of folks, and then demonize him for 6 months, it made no difference if there was evidence, reasonable doubt, etc. But I fault the judge for letting a lot of that happen. And Peterson won’t be the first innocent guy thrown into prison. But what is really scary, is most likely the killer is still walking free.

E-mail # 3

Greta, love your show. I watched you and Roger during the O.J.trial. Saw Jim Hammer a lot during that time. I thought he was a smart mouth young prosecutor. Now I really like him. His comments are the best you have on. I will miss him when Scott Peterson's trial is over. Just for the record I am a grandma. See that he gets this message, please, Mary Winstead
Crestview, FL

E-mail # 4

I fully expect the defense in the Scott Peterson trial to use the following asking for mercy:
Geragos speaking:
We beg mercy for Scott Peterson because he is a widower and the father of a deceased child....
Ridiculous?...you bet...but, like the defense of the child who killed his parents then asked for mercy because he was an 'orphan'...

E-mail # 5

You are making me so angry with your sympathetic diatribe in support of Jackie Peterson. Have you forgotten when her & Lee Peterson were staying at Laci's & Scott's house and tried to have them barred from the property? What about when Sharon Rocha wanted some of her daughter's things and Jackie refused? How dare her! What about the unwaivering story that her son is innocent and that ridiculous story about how Scott got the $10,000? I am a mother as well, and as hard as it would be to see one of my sons going thru what hers is going thru, I would would have a moral obligation to tell the truth. How dare her treat Laci's mother like she has! If she had any moral character what so ever, she wouldn't have carried on the way she has over the last two years. Her son is evil, and deserves everything he is about to be sentenced to. Please stop with the ridiculous pandering to Scott's mother.
Marilyn Starkey

E-mail # 6

Remember Leave it to Beaver? Remember Eddie Haskell? I just find it hard to believe Scott had such an unblemished past. Scott has been hiding behind his mother's skirt for 30 years. Everyone talks about this jury having to play god. Why can't the court put the burden on Scott himself. Do you want life in prison without parole or death? He sure decided on Laci's and Connor"s fate.
Shirley Jorgensen

E-mail # 7

Dang, why couldn’t I have been traumatized by a teacher that looked like this teacher does when I was 14. WOW. Man, I break out in a sweat just thinking about it. While most little boys that age are feverishly masturbating to Playboy mags, he was making the teacher. Ha.
To me, the real harm probably done here, was to the family of the lady. This most likely totally destroyed that marriage and that family.
Any damage done to the kid, if any, will be caused by the reaction of other people to the incident, and probably not the sexual encounter.
One of the most interesting aspects of these cases, is the attention that they draw. I guess it renews our remembrance of feelings we had of Ms. Oflanagan, that hot English teacher, and how we dreamed of having sex with her. Ha. Or maybe stories such as this get our minds off of the real stories such as Iraq, or just titillate. Who knows.

E-mail # 8

We are looking forward to the fun you are going to give us with this LaFave trial. But, just to insure it will be Guinness World Record fun, is there anyway you can got the "broach lady" to represent her.
Floyd Hopkins
Dallas, Texas

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