When did Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum (search), of all things, become so hostile to religion?

There's have a report Wednesday that the Church of England and the Vatican are upset over a Nativity scene (search) on display in London.

The scene portrays Mary and Joseph as the popular stars David Beckham — a football player — and his wife Victoria, AKA Posh Spice (search).

George Bush, Tony Blair and Prince Phillip are the three wise men. Hugh Grant, Samuel L. Jackson and Graham Norton — a British talk show host — are portrayed as shepherds. The beauteous dance music queen Kylie Minogue flits around overhead as an angel.

The Times of London reports that the Rev. Jonathan Jennings, spokesman for the archbishop of Canterbury, conceded that each generation reinterpreted the Nativity, however he was quoted saying, "But deary, deary me."

Deary me, indeed.

I suspect that this is another example of the Euro secularists getting their digs in at religion, not in a spirit of fun, but a mean spirit of making fun of an important religious moment: the birth of Christ.

As a not very active religionist, this has always puzzled me. Why can't people who don't believe, or don't believe very much, just leave believers alone? Why is there lately an antagonistic spirit exhibited against people who practice Christianity?

I suspect it's because the people who are on the attack are mainly aiming at the bin Ladens of the world, whose religious beliefs include killing all of us.

But, it is evidently just too much for these frightened and quaking agnostics and atheists to separate Christianity from the bloody sword wing of Islam. So, in fairness to the Muslims they don't know, or like and don't trust, they feel they must pillory the Christians too.

There's a bit of this going on in Cupertino (search), California, where "Hannity & Colmes" are doing their program Wednesday night on the school principal who won't let students see the Declaration of Independence because it mentions God.

I don't know about you, but all this gives me the creeps. What's wrong with just leaving the believers alone, unless they're coming at you with murderous intentions?

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