When the Media Tries to Alter History

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Sometimes we in the media get pretty full of ourselves and begin to think we can alter the course of history. Such may have been the case with the Los Angeles Times editors, who apparently believed their long story of allegations against Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) would swing the election against him.

But now there are accusations that the Times personnel leaked details of the story to Democratic Party members, giving them a chance to prepare attacks on Schwarzenegger just before the election.

Within the Times, secrecy surrounding the article was intense in the weeks before it was published. Nevertheless, according to Bill Bradley of the L.A. Weekly, "Senior Democratic strategists with long-standing ties to Davis knew not only when the story was coming, but also the particulars of what was in it. The advance knowledge of the story's timing and particulars enabled Davis and the Democrats to design the closing burst of the anti-recall campaign."

Charges that the Times worked in effect as a fifth column of the Democratic Party have been vehemently denied by editors of the Times.

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