When people Stop Talking

Since we're on the issue of shutting up... talking about, not talking at all.

A little thing, but something that stuck with me when I saw it.

An elderly couple on a plane. Next to me. Yesterday, racing back from South Carolina to make this show.

All of a sudden we hit some turbulence. Some very rough turbulence. Unusually rough, actually.

So rough, people stopped talking. Stopped laughing. Stopped pretty much doing anything.

Then this couple. They grasped hands. Clearly. Tightly.

Neither said a word. Not a word.

They stared, not out the plane, but into each other.

As jarring as it was around me, I couldn't keep my eyes off this couple next to me. Just holding each others' hands. Never once letting go, never once easing their grip. Through each bump. Each thud.

Something fell a few feet away. They didn't look. They didn't care. It was just them.

And me, watching them.

And then things settled down. The bumps stopped. The plane steadied.

And after a minute or two, the conversations resumed.

And then, and only then, did the elderly man release his grip, pat his wife's hand, then she his.

He smiled. She smiled. And both, probably noticing this big Italian guy staring at them, smiled back at me.

No one said a word. No one had to.

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