When Not All Moochers Are Alike

So the head of GM says his company's going to pay back all that money we taxpayers gave it by June.

June. All of it. With interest and early -- just like the banks.

I wonder if then, Ed Whitacre and company will be treated just like the banks.

I wonder if they too will have to kick into a 10-year TARP payback fund, even though everyone paying into it has already paid back TARP.

I wonder if this car guy will be vilified the way so many bank guys have been.

I wonder whether this car guy's workers will be tarred by the very same brush that maligned all bank workers.

I wonder whether Ed's largely unionized workforce will feel the force of White House wrath the way bank CEOs' largely non-unionized workforces have felt the force of White House wrath.

I wonder whether Ed's peoples' salaries will be as scrutinized, bonuses as second-guessed and benefits as triple-checked.

I wonder whether a White House that has been very unfair and unbalanced treating its financial moochers, who made good, will handle this auto moocher, who also made good.

I don't know. All I do know is if you're a moocher but an ally of this president, you do a hell of a lot better than if you're a moocher and not an ally of this president.

Unfriendly moochers can't be taxed enough. Friendly moochers can't be coddled enough.

I'm not saying one moocher is any better than another, just that both should be treated the same. Whether they're your pals and you want to spare them or they're scapegoats and you just want to screw them.

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