When Life Gives You Lemons...

I want to tell you some good news about a woman named Tarisa and the man who loves her very much.

To hear her story, you wouldn't think it good news at all, actually.

Tarisa has a crippling neurological disease and she's fading fast.

She's Catholic. Her husband's Jewish.

She's getting ready for Easter. He's celebrating Passover — much harder, given incidents half a world away.

But both are there for each other.

Her husband told me he might even dress up as the Easter Bunny just to, "save time and tick off Tarisa and my rabbi."

But it's Tarisa who tops him, promising to hide all her husband's valuables with the Easter eggs.

It's their good humor that puts their good deal of pain in perspective.

They work out at the same health club. He carefully fusses over her. She lectures him.

He kids her, "speed up, Wonder Woman." She counters, "I'm working on it, Magoo."

They are there for each other. Devoted to each other. They have much to complain about, but don't. Much to feel bitter about, but won't.

It's not in their character. But they are very much characters.

Life gives us many things that are bad. Leave it to Tarisa and her husband, especially now, to find and focus on things that are good.

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