When Karma Comes Calling

Do you believe in karma? (search) The notion that eventually your behavior catches up with you: If you do something bad to people, something bad will happen to you.

Well, it just happened to a guy I used to work with many years ago.

He got fired — apparently just yesterday.

His name isn't as important as what he was: a jerk. He was a snake — a guy who took delight in bringing others down, often without those others ever knowing they were being brought down. He spoke badly about them behind their back and often took the credit for their work.

He got very far professionally. But it was as if with each corporate notch on his belt, he was adding a knot in his noose. With each sneaky, carping comment, he was getting ahead, but he was falling too.

Ironically, he was done in by the same type of guy who no doubt will be brought down himself — some day, some way, over some incident.

I'm not smart enough to know how awful people get ahead in life. I just know their success is not guaranteed in life or whatever comes after this life.

I've always sensed that. Today, I have a feeling this fellow is just coming to terms with that.

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