What Would You Do If You Lost Your Home?

What would you do if you lost your home?

Everything. Your furniture. Your TVs. Stereo systems. All systems. All appliances.

I know, they're things. But they're your things.

And in southern California right now, a lot of people have lost all their things.

Rich people, yes. But a lot of not-so-rich people too.

I'm glad they're alive. And I'm sure they're glad they're alive.

But they're not glad they've lost everything that made those houses homes.

Like pictures, and movies, trinkets, and heirlooms.

Some were retrieved. I bet you many were not.

I just keep thinking of letters that were saved that are gone. Old family photos of grandpa that were treasured that are now trash.

You can't put a dollar value on that. Insurance companies don't cover things like that. But I suspect people have a very tough time moving on after losing something like that.

Whether they lose those precious memories to flames, or tornadoes, or hurricanes. Or any act of nature that leaves the victim naturally at a loss.

So they move on, with a bit of their past ripped out. Eager to rebuild a house. Hoping someday it can be a home. Just not like their old home. Not like it at all.

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