Why should listeners tune to The Alan Colmes Show?

The Alan Colmes Show welcomes any and all opinion, any and all the time! Not only is Alan progressive, you also get the top stories of the day from the top newsmakers and Alan gets a jump on what everyone else will be talking about tomorrow. We give you the opportunity to talk with prominent figures, plus those directly involved with the stories you’re most interested in.

And don't forget our "Lightening Round" which is a collection of the absurd, the unusual, the little heard of stories from around the country that NO ONE ELSE is brave enough to bring you. And, we highly encourage your involvement during the show by calling us at 1-877-367-2526.

What does being part of the FOX News family bring to the show?

Tomorrow's News Tonight!

The Alan Colmes Show is the ONLY live, national radio talk show on air from 10pm - 1am Eastern Time that has the resources of the number one cable news network at its fingertips. We have nightly, live updates from national and international Fox News correspondents who can bring you breaking news as it happens. Whether it’s renewed fighting in Iraq, terror arrests, or surprise political appearances here in America, Alan Colmes will be there with the story.

What part do listeners play in the show?

We have the most interactive radio program on the planet! It’s not just about what Alan thinks, it’s about what YOU think!

Our listener comments play an enormous part in the nightly program and The Alan Colmes Show encourages all points of view from our national listening audience. Every night we welcome everyone and anyone to our "Open Phones". All we ask is name and town and you fill in the rest.

Every viewpoint is welcome. In our “Friday-Night-Free-For-All” you, the listeners, get to choose the topics. Remember, Alan ends every night with his trademark one sentence and one sentence only, “Radio Graffiti!” You've gotta be quick, though.

There are several phone lines at 1-877-367-2526, which are normally occupied by callers from across America all night long. The Alan Colmes Show tries to get as many of you on air as possible. Sometimes it’s a long wait, but everyone says it’s worth it because you really are given the opportunity to present your opinion.